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 Status Of RoKK

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PostSubject: Status Of RoKK   Status Of RoKK Icon_minitimeThu Jun 26, 2008 12:13 pm

Alright, so the RP Council has been away for a long time, RoKK has stagnated somewhat because of this, and several members haven't been seen for a good while. However...

The RP Council -will not- abandon this project, nor it's small community. We are setting back up the Gamerisle Arena, but we are not moving to Gamerisle. The Gamerisle Arena will be heavily influenced by our project here, but it will not be integrated.

The RP Council is slowly coming back from it's various departures of this summer, and we have rescheduled the main event to sometime next week, most likely Tuesday or Wednesday. A more formal announcement will be posted when the final date is decided.

I encourage all members to become active again so that we may continue our efforts for this project and expand our community. I apologize again for our absense, but hopefully we may make up for this.

--RP Council
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Status Of RoKK
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