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 RoKK Timeline

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PostSubject: RoKK Timeline   RoKK Timeline Icon_minitimeMon Dec 22, 2008 11:02 pm

Okay after looking over some of the RP's....and events...and other things I have become...really confused.

To this end I have attempted to construct a sort of "RoKK PC-active timeline"
In short, a list of RP's(2+persons, I'm NOT going to try to chronologically order the solo things)stories etc. that are canon, arranged in roughly chronological order. The number indicates what I think happens when. Diffrent events with the same number means I think they are happening simultaneously

1)Chaos Altar, The Aftermath-Tuv & Crom
2)Mt. Tarin
3)Aerywyn & Acria - The Morning After
4)Event Pt 1
4)Broken Wagon(on-going)
5)Sazil & Artua - Righteous Glade(on-going)
5)The Coming of the Demon Lord - Vekto and Krasht(on-going)
5)Event Pt 2
6)Event Pt 3

If I am missing any CANON multi-person events, let me know, along with where you think they should be.
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RoKK Timeline
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