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 House Rules

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PostSubject: House Rules   House Rules Icon_minitimeTue Dec 30, 2008 12:41 am

This is the location where I will place the various House Rules that may develop over time. Make sure to watch this topic for changes to the way certain actions perform, additional Perks, Traits, and other such changes.

Currently Working On:

Additions to Robot Race to allow more customization in the spirit of playing as a robot.

Additional Traits and Perks to make "Dog" a more feasible Race choice.

Additional "Human Only" Traits and Perks

Additional "Ghoul Only" Traits and Perks

Additional "Mutant Only" Traits and Perks

Major Changes:

Humans and Human-Like-Beings will now pass up to 15 Rads from their system naturally per day, as opposed to the previous 10.

Dogs can wear Boots, but require two sets for them to work properly. Deathclaws remain bare-foot.

Every player is required to make note of their "handedness" IE. Right or Left-handed on their character sheet. Inorganic classes or classes without hands, such as robots and dogs, are not required to put this.

Each player able to use weapons, meaning all classes except for death-claws, robots, and dogs, are subject to "Weapon Accustomization". "Weapon Accustomization" can be best described as an affinity for a certain style of weapons, or a certain means of using them. If a player were to use a two-handed shotgun for a significant period of time, they would be "Accustomed" to using Shotguns, and Two-Handed Guns, and would be subject to a bonus for each state that slowly grows over time. (That character has fought many battles with his trusty Two-Handed Shotgun, and gains a +10% bonus for Shotguns and a +10% bonus for Two-Handed Guns.) If one who has been accustomed to a certain style of weapon-usage, suddenly switches to a different style, all applicable bonuses become penalties. (Afore mentioned character switches from using his Two-Handed Shotgun, to a single One-Handed Shotgun. He still gets the +10% bonus for using a shotgun, but is at -10% for using a one-handed weapon. If he decides to switch again to a Two-Handed Rifle before having used his new One-Handed Shotgun, he re-gains his +10% bonus for using a Two-Handed Gun, but his +10% for shotgun becomes a -10% now that he is using a Rifle.) When not in use, values that are above or below 0% bonus or penalty, will slowly "creep" towards 0% again.

New Traits:
You can talk! Or atleast... sort of. Whether you were the subject of an experiment by a crazy scientist, or just happened to stumble within grabbing distance of an old malfunctioning Auto-Doc, nobody knows, what they do know is that you can talk! With an apparatus that can only be described as "A freaky sattelite dish with a speaker in it" embedded in your skull, you can emit a creepy, loud, monotone voice to communicate with those around you. The device itself is large, bulky, and bolted right to your skull, it creeps most people right the hell out. The voice clocks in at a roaring 90 decibels and is unable to be changed in volume or pitch. This Trait can only be taken by Dogs.

Man's Best Beep... Friend
With this trait, a normal robot becomes a robot canine! Along with all of the normal problems a dog faces, like inability to carry objects other than in your mouth. But you retain normal robot-style speech ability. This Trait can only be taken by Robots.

Adaptive Robotics
You have the ability to make, and comprehend schematics, as well as the ability to use scematics to modify yourself. Modifications almost always require "Scrap" which can be obtained from many places with a successful Repair check, and several hours. Pre-made Schematics have a required minimum Science to utilize, and require a successful Science check to make, and 6 hours. Making modifications requires Tools, a usable scematic, required materials, and a full day. The Modifications require a successful (Science+Repair) check made at -10% because you are working on yourself, and may incur other penalties if performed in less than ideal conditions (Working in the middle of the barren wastes may incur a penalty of 50% or more, while working at a workbench in a town may provide a small benefit). If the modification process is interrupted, be it by combat or an explosion or the like, the modification automatically fails, depending on the specifics of the modification this could leave you with an unattached arm or worse, but can usually be fixed with the proper amount of time, and a successful Repair check. This Trait can only be taken by Robots.

New Perks:
Go For The Throat!
You have trained in the art of going for the throat, or arm, or groin for that matter. When making a Targeted Attack on a specific bodypart, the penalty for hitting is reduced by 5%. This Perk can only be taken by Dogs.
Requirements: Level 6, Per 6, Agi 8
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House Rules
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