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 Dark Heresy House Rules

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PostSubject: Dark Heresy House Rules   Dark Heresy House Rules Icon_minitimeSun Dec 07, 2008 8:10 pm

Players do not need to roll for the following during character creation, they can choose them instead.

Hive Class
Birth Planet
Ship tradition

When a player rolls for their characteristics, the following process is followed.

Roll 2d10 and add the results for the two die, 9 times. You can choose any stat to apply each of these scores to.

You can re-roll one score, but if the score is lower, you must keep it.

Combat Rules

Knocked down conveys the book stated penalties, but also makes hitting a knocked down target from more than 5 meters away with a ranged weapon a Hard (-20) test.

Players may take a half-action to move from standing or Knocked down to 'Prone'.

Prone incurs the following following bonuses and penalties.
-All attacks made with Melee weapons are Hard (-20).
-All Dodge tests are Hard (-20).
-All Ranged attacks made on a prone target are Hard (-20).
-All Parry tests made when Prone are Impossible (-30).
-All Throw attacks made by a prone target are Difficult (-10).
-All Ranged attacks made when Prone count as steadied (+10), and players can spend a half action to get full aim (+20).

Miscellaneous Rules

Guardsmen may take a Lasgun with Melee Attachment and One charge pack instead of Sword or Axe or Hammer and Lasgun with One charge pack.

Players earn Monthly wages based on In-game months.

Players can push 3x their carry weight, rather than 4x.
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Dark Heresy House Rules
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